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3 reasons a trust could be perfect for your Oregon estate plan

When it comes to your estate planning in Oregon, a trust may be the perfect solution you didn’t realize you needed. Trusts aren’t just for the wealthy either. Everyday Oregonians can benefit from having a trust as part of their estate plan. The reason is simple: At its heart, a trust is simply an agreement that manages assets for…

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Oregon estate checklist: What to do after someone passes away

Oregon Estate Checklist

When someone passes away and you need to manage the affairs of their estate, it helps to have an Oregon estate checklist. From probate court to making public notice to creditors, ordering death certificates to canceling streaming services, those first weeks after someone passes away are full of tasks big and small. In the first 24 hours During that…

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How long does probate take in Oregon?

How long does probate take in Oregon?

Here’s a realistic timeline How long does probate take in Oregon? At a minimum, 5 months, but 6-9 months is a more typical, realistic timeline. Often it can can take longer. Let’s look at what probate is, and why it takes months—or sometimes even years—to conclude. What is probate? The word alone can sound intimidating, but probate doesn’t have…

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Divorce and estate planning in Oregon: What to consider before, during, and after

Divorce and estate planning in Oregon

Divorce makes so many impacts on your life and finances, but estate planning can be an easy one to overlook. However, divorce marks a need for estate plan overhauls, from your will’s beneficiaries to who holds your power of attorney. Here are things to consider before, during, and after your divorce. The effects of divorce ripple throughout your life,…

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No cause and just cause evictions in Oregon

Evictions in Oregon: what to know about just cause and no cause evictons

Evictions in Oregon are a complicated part of being a landlord. However, understanding the ins and outs of no cause and just cause evictions is essential to managing property in Oregon. It’s also key to preventing legal problems or financial losses due to not understanding, or failing to comply, with Oregon eviction law. In Oregon, there are two types…

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Oregon accidental landlord: What do you do with estate real property and tenants?

what to do when you become an Oregon accidental landlord

You didn’t intend to be a landlord. Yet one way or another, suddenly you discovered you had become an Oregon accidental landlord, complete with property—and tenants. What now? What to do when you inherit property from an estate Inheritance can make you an Oregon accidental landlord Accidental landlords most commonly come about due to property inherited from someone’s estate….

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Can verbal gifts replace your Oregon will and estate plan?

Verbal gifts outside of a will: It’s often thought that when someone says they want you to have something when they die, then that will happen. Some might point out that an oral contract is supposed to be legally binding. Or that what someone said should outweigh what’s in that person’s will or estate plan. Unfortunately, verbal gifts can…

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