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Can verbal gifts replace your Oregon will and estate plan?

Verbal gifts outside of a will: It’s often thought that when someone says they want you to have something when they die, then that will happen. Some might point out that an oral contract is supposed to be legally binding. Or that what someone said should outweigh what’s in that person’s will or estate plan. Unfortunately, verbal gifts can…

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Succession planning: How does it work for Oregon businesses?

Oregon business succession planning

Succession planning ensures your business avoid the risks and pitfalls of failing to plan for the future Once upon a time, someone who owned a business died, had no succession planning in place, and the entire enterprise became a complete mess. Sometimes the situation gets so bad, the business fails. Pretty much every business owner or partner has heard…

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Can you forgive debts in your Oregon will?

Can you forgive debts in your Oregon will? You can, but there is a lot to consider first..

When you are creating or updating your Oregon will, you might wonder if you can forgive debts in your Oregon will. Your estate plan can include provisions about forgiving, or canceling, debts owed to you. Forgiving debts in your will is a powerful tool. But like any powerful tool, it must be used with care. When it comes to…

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Business estate planning for Oregon companies

When we talk about estate planning, we usually talk about wills and trusts for people, couples, and families. However, Oregon businesses also need to have a solid estate plan in place. A business estate plan can protect not only the owner’s business interests, but family and business partners too. Business ownership makes your estate more valuable than you might…

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Oregon business valuations: What is your company worth?

From pursuing capital to transferring ownership, there are times when you need a third party to set a value for your company. Known as a business valuation, this process does more than help you prepare for a change in ownership. Knowing the value of your Oregon business also helps you see the full picture of your business’s health and…

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What to do when a loved one dies in Oregon: The legal side

What to do when a loved one dies in Oregon

Whether gradual or sudden, the death of a loved one comes with grief and loss. Along with working through personal and community grief, though, there is also a legal side to the death of a loved one in Oregon. To put it simply, what to do when a loved one dies in Oregon can be complicated. There are times…

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Oregon business law, 2021, and you

Oregon business law, 2021, and you

As you steer your company’s ship through the choppy waters of 2021, the right Oregon business law expertise is crucial. Starting a new business. Upgrading operations. Sales. Transfers. New partners. No matter your Oregon business, things are always changing. With a trusted Oregon business attorney by your side, you’ll be all the more prepared to deal with whatever the…

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Oregon estate planning, 2021, and you

As we head into 2021, we’ll be making lists, goals, and resolutions for things to do to help us have a better new year. A good thing to have on your list? Taking care of what matters to you, by either setting up or updating your estate plan, with a trusted Oregon estate planning lawyer by your side. In…

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