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Business estate planning for Oregon companies

When we talk about estate planning, we usually talk about wills and trusts for people, couples, and families. However, Oregon businesses also need to have a solid estate plan in place. A business estate plan can protect not only the owner’s business interests, but family and business partners too. Business ownership makes your estate more valuable than you might…

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Oregon business valuations: What is your company worth?

From pursuing capital to transferring ownership, there are times when you need a third party to set a value for your company. Known as a business valuation, this process does more than help you prepare for a change in ownership. Knowing the value of your Oregon business also helps you see the full picture of your business’s health and…

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Oregon estate planning, 2021, and you

As we head into 2021, we’ll be making lists, goals, and resolutions for things to do to help us have a better new year. A good thing to have on your list? Taking care of what matters to you, by either setting up or updating your estate plan, with a trusted Oregon estate planning lawyer by your side. In…

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7 benefits of working with a small, local Oregon law firm

To go by TV shows and movies, it’s understandable to think that all lawyers work in firms the size of armies. However, while there are over a million lawyers in the US, most attorneys work in small firms. In fact, half of US lawyers run their own practices solo, including lawyers right here in Eugene, Oregon. Why do we…

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How to legally transfer firearms in Oregon after the owner’s death

Guns and wills in Oregon: Estate planning for legal firearms transfers When it comes to owning guns in Oregon, it’s easy to overlook something crucial: How do you legally transfer ownership of firearms through your estate plan? Firearms transfers are regulated under both Oregon law and national law. Oregon law specifies that post-mortem transfers of firearms have to be…

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Business transition in Oregon: Is smooth succession possible?

Business transition in Oregon

Selling an Oregon Business in Linn, Coos, Douglas, Lincoln, Benton, Deschutes, or Lane county? Schedule a FREE consultation with Eugene-based business attorney Megan Salsbury today No matter the circumstances, transitioning a business for succession or other ownership change in Oregon can be tricky. Some things may not go smoothly. Problems may crop up along the way. Plus, Oregon, like…

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Coronavirus/COVID-19, Oregon estate planning, and you

Oregon estate planning coronavirus

Over 1,700 people dead and over 130,000 confirmed cases (as of Jan. 15, 2021). Coronavirus/COVID-19 is a reality in Oregon. We hope that social distancing and other measures will help curb the spread of the disease. In the meantime, now is the time to review and update your Oregon estate plan. Or, if you don’t have an estate plan,…

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Oregon operating agreements: Is your business running the way you want?

Establishing an operating agreement for your Oregon business is just good business sense

Day-to-day business runs more smoothly with a current operating agreement The state of Oregon doesn’t require businesses such as LLCs to have an operating agreement, but smart businesses have one regardless. Besides, the state might not require an operating agreement, but your lenders and investors probably will. Plus, running a business has more than enough day-to-day challenges. Your key…

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