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What is the difference between probate and small estate in Oregon?

Full probate vs small estate in Oregon It’s true: In Oregon, most estates have to go through probate. Except for a little thing called the small estate proceeding. What is the difference between probate and small estate in Oregon? Here’s what small estate is, why it matters, and how you and your attorney can figure out if an estate…

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Will contests: What happens after a will is contested in Oregon

Will contests are difficult legal challenges that can be lengthy, expensive, full of emotional ups and downs, and not always successful. However, sometimes a legal challenge to a will succeeds. When it does, what happens after a will is contested in Oregon? What is a will contest? Put simply, a will contest is when an interested party disputes the…

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How to find an estate planning lawyer in Oregon: 6 questions to consider

What to look for in an estate attorney in Benton, Coos, Deschutes, Douglas, Lane, Lincoln, and Linn counties People need an estate planning attorney in Oregon for so many reasons. Someone might be dealing with an estate from someone who passed away. Or, a person might be working on creating their first estate plan, or updating one that no…

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Oregon estate planning for second marriages

Estate planning for second marriages

Marrying again? Before you say I do, update your Oregon estate plan Divorced and remarrying? Your second marriage means big impacts on your current will, as well as any trusts, medical directives, or other documents that are part of your Oregon estate plan. Here are a few considerations to discuss with your Oregon estate attorney around Oregon estate planning…

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Oregon landlords: 6 things your tenants are wrong about

Oregon landlords: tenant mistakes

Oregon residential landlord/tenant law Navigating Oregon residential tenant law isn’t easy. It’s no wonder that both Oregon landlords and tenants can make mistakes and have misconceptions about what the law does and does not allow—or what a lease can prohibit. However, sometimes tenants can have misconceptions about what their lease and the law allow. Here are 6 things your…

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Oregon estate planning trusts: Which one to choose?

Oregon Estate Planning Trusts

It’s easy to think of Oregon estate planning trusts as one type of document. In fact, there are lots of different types of trust. Each has a specific use that can be beneficial to a set of circumstances. Talking about trusts is more like talking about a tool box. A trust is a broad term that encompasses many different…

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3 reasons a trust could be perfect for your Oregon estate plan

When it comes to your estate planning in Oregon, a trust may be the perfect solution you didn’t realize you needed. Trusts aren’t just for the wealthy either. Everyday Oregonians can benefit from having a trust as part of their estate plan. The reason is simple: At its heart, a trust is simply an agreement that manages assets for…

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Oregon estate checklist: What to do after someone passes away

Oregon Estate Checklist

When someone passes away and you need to manage the affairs of their estate, it helps to have an Oregon estate checklist. From probate court to making public notice to creditors, ordering death certificates to canceling streaming services, those first weeks after someone passes away are full of tasks big and small. In the first 24 hours During that…

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How long does probate take in Oregon?

How long does probate take in Oregon?

Here’s a realistic timeline How long does probate take in Oregon? At a minimum, 5 months, but 6-9 months is a more typical, realistic timeline. Often it can can take longer. Let’s look at what probate is, and why it takes months—or sometimes even years—to conclude. What is probate? The word alone can sound intimidating, but probate doesn’t have…

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