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Category: Landlord/Tenant Law

Oregon landlords: What to do when a tenant dies

Oregon landlords may face many difficult circumstances, but one of the most heart-wrenching and challenging can be when a tenant dies. Fortunately, Oregon law covers some aspects of this event, and others are up to your discretion. Landlord best practices in the event of tenant death The information below gives you some high-level understanding of what to do and…

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A landlord’s guide to no-cause evictions in Oregon

Person holding house key with house emblem

Tenant eviction FAQ for Oregon landlords When a tenant’s actions justify a with-cause eviction, that can be a meticulous yet overall straightforward process. However, without-cause, or no-cause evictions in Oregon, can be trickier to go through with. Oregon law limits what’s considered an allowed circumstances for a no-cause eviction. For any eviction notice you may need to work through…

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Oregon landlords: 6 things your tenants are wrong about

Oregon landlords: tenant mistakes

Oregon residential landlord/tenant law Navigating Oregon residential tenant law isn’t easy. It’s no wonder that both Oregon landlords and tenants can make mistakes and have misconceptions about what the law does and does not allow—or what a lease can prohibit. However, sometimes tenants can have misconceptions about what their lease and the law allow. Here are 6 things your…

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No cause and just cause evictions in Oregon

Evictions in Oregon: what to know about just cause and no cause evictons

Evictions in Oregon are a complicated part of being a landlord. However, understanding the ins and outs of no cause and just cause evictions is essential to managing property in Oregon. It’s also key to preventing legal problems or financial losses due to not understanding, or failing to comply, with Oregon eviction law. In Oregon, there are two types…

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