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Category: Estate Planning

Don’t make these 7 common Oregon will mistakes: Be careful what you promise

Your Oregon will is a crucial document. However, it’s not the place for every wish, preference, or instruction you communicate as part of your Oregon estate plan. It’s important to be careful with what you promise, instruct, or designate in your will. Here are 7 common will mistakes you want to avoid. 1. Conditions that can’t be enforced in…

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Business estate planning for Oregon companies

Business estate planning is critical for Oregon businesses. When we talk about estate planning, we usually talk about wills and trusts for people, couples, and families. However, Oregon businesses also need to have a solid estate plan in place. A business estate plan can protect not only the owner’s business interests, but family and business partners too. Business ownership…

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What to do when a loved one dies in Oregon: The legal side

What to do when a loved one dies in Oregon

Whether gradual or sudden, the death of a loved one comes with personal and community grief and loss. Along with working through grief, the death of a loved one in Oregon also has a legal side. To put it simply, what to do when a loved one dies in Oregon can be complicated. There are times where it might…

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Oregon estate planning, 2021, and you

As we head into 2021, we’ll be making lists, goals, and resolutions for things to do to help us have a better new year. A good thing to have on your list? Taking care of what matters to you, by either setting up or updating your estate plan, with a trusted Oregon estate planning lawyer by your side. In…

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COVID estate planning: Coronavirus, Oregon estate plan law, and you

Oregon estate planning coronavirus

With hundreds of thousands of coronavirus cases in Oregon, COVID estate planning is, unfortunately, a consideration for all. Coronavirus/COVID-19 is a reality in Oregon. We hope that health measures will help curb the spread of the disease. In the meantime, now is the time to review and update your Oregon estate plan. Or, if you don’t have an estate…

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Stretch IRAs: How does the SECURE Act impact your IRA, trust, and estate?

Review your Oregon estate plan New rules for inherited IRAs, or “stretch IRAs” took effect Jan. 1, 2020 Known as “stretch IRAs,” making your Roth IRA or traditional IRA part of your trust and estate has new rules. These new rules mean big changes for your inheritors. To be clear, the new rules under the SECURE Act apply only…

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Is your Oregon Power of Attorney up to date?

power of attorney

Your Oregon Power of Attorney, or POA, is a powerful, important Oregon estate planning document. It’s crucial not only to establish a POA, but to keep it up to date as well. Oregon Power of Attorney: What is it? In Oregon, your POA document gives another individual the authority to make financial and legal decisions for you if you…

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Estate Planning FAQ

estate planning FAQ

Estate planning has many options. Ensuring you have a complete and appropriate estate plan can be a complex task. It is important to have the guidance and assistance of an experienced estate planning lawyer in Eugene throughout the process. Here are a few common questions. Do I need a will? If you are 18 years of age or older,…

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Family estate planning in Oregon when you have children

estate planning lawyer

Your Oregon will and estate plan protects your family Family estate planning documents help you plan for your children’s futures should something happen to you. While it is a wise idea for any adult to have a comprehensive estate plan, it is especially important to have one if you have a young child. Ready to create or update your…

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