Your Oregon will is the starting point for your estate plan

The best way to ensure that Oregon estate planning law will honor your wishes after your passing? Create a throughout estate plan with an experienced attorney.

A will is a key component of any Oregon estate plan.

A will is legal document which allows you to distribute your property and assets after your death.

Without a legally valid will in place, your family may have to deal with the complicated legal process of probate. They may have to do this simply to access your accounts and other vital possessions. Creating a will can ensure that your estate takes care of family and friends according to your wishes.

How your Oregon will helps you with estate planning law

  1. Allocate your property and assets. A will establishes which members of your family or community will have access to your possessions, including property and accounts. If you do not have a legal will in place? The courts may decide who these items go to during the probate process. It is imperative to create a will especially to account for valuable assets, like a family home, or inheritance that you want to go to your spouse or children, .
  2. Appoint a guardian for minor children. Do you have children under the age of 18? A will gives you the opportunity to appointment a guardian to care for them in your absence. You know who you want to care for your kids. It’s vital to include this as a provision in your will.
  3. Protect your business from dissolution. Sadly, many businesses that are privately or family-owned fail after the owner has passed. Why? A lack of estate planning left no clear wishes or person in charge. Use your will to appoint a co-owner or family member to act in your place and run the business.

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