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Estate planning law: 3 reasons to create an Oregon will

Your Oregon will is the starting point for your estate plan The best way to ensure that Oregon estate planning law will honor your wishes after your passing? Create a throughout estate plan with an experienced attorney. A will is a key component of any Oregon estate plan. A will is legal document which allows you to distribute your…

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Online wills: What are the pitfalls and problems?

It is tempting to create online wills for putting together your Last Will and Testament. Online will creation services will tell you that the Last Will and Testament created is as good as one written by an attorney and for a much cheaper price. However, the quality of online wills created through those programs is, more likely than not,…

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Oregon estate planning with stepchildren

How to provide for a stepchild in your Oregon will Many stepparents consider their stepchildren to be their own. Oregon estate planning with stepchildren has its own crucial legal considerations. It is important to consider how to draft your estate plan. The right construction can ensure that your stepchild is treated like any other children you may have. Here…

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Finances and estate planning in Oregon: Should I do a POD or TOD on my accounts?

It’s crucial to designate what happens to your financial accounts When it comes to finances and estate planning in Oregon, many Oregonians hold financial accounts that have payable on death (POD) or transfer on death (TOD) designations. With POD/TOD designations, you select who gets the account upon your passing. But should you use POD or TOD? Sometimes yes, sometimes…

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Wills in Oregon: Do I need one?

Creating and maintaining wills in Oregon is a backbone of any estate plan. A will is an essential document for every adult, including in Oregon. Wills in Oregon: What can your will do? Here are a few ways a will is useful for you, your estate, and those you care about. A will: Provides direction for what to do…

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