Oregon business law, 2021, and you

As you steer your company’s ship through the choppy waters of 2021, the right Oregon business law expertise is crucial.

Starting a new business. Upgrading operations. Sales. Transfers. New partners. No matter your Oregon business, things are always changing. With a trusted Oregon business attorney by your side, you’ll be all the more prepared to deal with whatever the year brings.

Business law comes into play with every change and transaction in your company. As you ponder the needs for your business this year, here are some areas we can discuss and work on together:

Does your team have the right Oregon business lawyer?

You’re in business to be successful. Having the right Eugene business attorney on board can make all the difference: Their understanding of Oregon business law can help you make good choices and avoid costly mistakes.

Business Law

Close Oregon commercial real estate deals with confidence

No matter how large or small the deal, when it comes to commercial real estate deals in Oregon, details make all the difference. Choosing locations, reviewing contracts, watching out for potential problems: Your commercial real estate attorney can make all the difference in inking the right deal for the right space.

Commercial Real Estate

Mitigate risks in business transactions

Any business transaction comes with an element of risk. However, you can safeguard your interests and manage those transactions with confidence.

Business Transactions

Start your business right

With so many rules and regulations to navigate and so many factors to consider, it can be tricky to start a business in Oregon. Build a strong foundation to grow your business by setting up your company the right way legally.


Your company focuses on food and beverage… but who focuses on the law?

Oregon’s laws and regulations around food and beverage businesses are not always easy to navigate, especially when you are involved in the day-to-day operations of your business. You focus on the food and drink—but who’ll take care of the legal side?

Food & Beverage Law

Represent your interests in sales, mergers, and more

Companies are bought, sold, and merged every day. The question is, though, who at the table will represent your interests?

Buying & Selling Businesses

Estate planning is for businesses too

Business planning. Quarterly planning. Strategic planning. There are so many ways to plan in your business… but is your business also part of an estate plan? Updating your estate plan with your wishes for your business protects you, your loved ones, and your business partners.

Business Estate Planning

Get down to business in 2021

Your business is your key to success. From contracts to compliance and all points in between though, it’s not always easy to figure out the law or know you’re covering all your company’s bases. No matter your business and no matter the deal, protecting your interests is crucial for you, your family, your business partners, and your employees. The right lawyer by your side, especially one who knows your industry and your area, can make all the difference.

Work with the right Eugene business attorney for your company